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Distributors are the link between the end customers and the manufacturers of a product. This gives your customers peace of mind knowing that they are working with a company with direct access to the manufacturer. The requirements to become an authorized distributor and the steps you'll need to take to become one are as follow:


In order to do business, we will need your company's information (download and fill the New Distributor Application PDF Form) and uploaded it along with the "Sale Tax Certificate and Business License", before we could send you our price list. Orders must be paid in advance before shipping.

Distributor price List: Minimum order of $500.00. FREE shipping on all orders of $1000.00 or more within the USA and Puerto Rico. If less, shipping will be added to the order.

Local Purchases (Miami-Dade Area): Minimum Order $500.00 with FREE Shipping.

Wholesale Price List: Minimum orders of $4000.00 or more.

The shipping cost will be FREE on all orders of $4000.00 or more within the USA & Puerto Rico.


At this time we have no restrictions on where you can sell. There are plenty of potential customers out there.

We do ask that you do business honestly, and honorably.


if you have any questions, please let us know. We would be pleased to answer them.


Thank You

RJ Fontanals

Germa Products, LLC

Thanks! Message sent.

To become a Distributor, download the "New Distributor Application" and email it to us along with your Resale Certificate and Company Information.

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