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MOQ 72 Units

Germa® Aftaseptic® Analgesic Liquidl - 0.5 FL. OZ. (14.8mL)

Aftaseptic has active ingredients to give you quick canker sore relief. This oral pain reliever also helps relieves pain caused by cold sores, gum sores, cheek bites, and braces. Do you get buccal blisters? after eating acidic food, after a virus that causes cold sores, after biting your cheek, tongue, or lip, by wearing braces or dental apparatus, or by chewing tobacco, burning one's mouth from hot food or drinks, or having gum disease. Get instant pain relief with Aftaseptic from Germa Products.

Don't let painful blisters spoil your​ day!

71-02 Germa® Aftaseptic - 0.5oz

SKU: 71-02
0.5 Ounces
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